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Spirituality & Creative Arts Session– online retreat 19 May 2022 

An online monthly retreat embracing contemplative arts held on the third Thursday of the month. Every month or whenever you can make it!

Other 2022 sessions:

  • 16 June 
  • 21 July 
  • 18 August 
  • 15 September 
  • 20 October 
  • 17 November

This regular online retreat time invites you to integrate Spirituality with Creative Arts. In contemplative manner we seek to celebrate Beauty in a challenging world. This is a place and time for embodying creative arts as prayer in spiritual freedom with others. Facilitated by JISA Spiritual Directors Kathy Cave and Lynne Head-Weir.

A typical session will include a guided contemplative meditation or prayer, with reference to Ignatian Spirituality, followed by the opportunity to create an artwork. There will then be reflection in small groups on the process of art making and on the spiritual experience during the time of meditation.

Each session will invite a different creative art experience. All adults welcome. No prior art experience is required. You are invited to join any one of the sessions or some or all monthly sessions.Cost: $35 per 90 minute session via Zoom.  

On the Wednesday before the Thursday retreat, the Zoom link for your retreat will be sent to you.


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